Tiburon Project Featured in Magazines

An article about our Tiburon Virtual Store project was published in Pazarlamasyon.com and AdJustBrand.com marketing magazines.

Short notes on shared news:

Fashion brand Tiburon opened its new store on Arimars’ Metaverse platform NextAR.

New generation digital stores offer fashion lovers a sustainable and discovery-oriented shopping experience.

Arimars, which transforms the unique environments it has created to reflect the vision of the brands, into completely different experiences and worlds, has stepped into a very special collaboration. Fashion brand Tiburon, which stands out with its collections inspired by nature and beyond borders, opened its first new generation digital store on NextAR, the Metaverse platform developed by Arimars. In line with the sustainability perspective, this store, which offers its customers an interactive and extraordinary virtual shopping experience where they can focus on different discoveries, is on the radar of the new generation of consumers.

To Experience Virtual Store : https://tiburonmetaverse.com.tr

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