Fashion brand Tiburon has opened its new store on Arimars’ Metaverse platform NextAR.

New generation digital stores offer fashion enthusiasts a sustainable and discovery-focused shopping experience. Arimars, which transforms unique environments created to reflect brands’ vision into completely different experiences and worlds, has taken a step into a very special collaboration. Tiburon, a fashion brand that stands out with its collections inspired by nature and beyond borders, has opened its first new generation digital store on the Metaverse platform NextAR developed by Arimars. This store, which offers an interactive and extraordinary virtual shopping experience where customers can focus on different discoveries in line with a sustainability perspective, targets new generation consumers. Arimars, which brings future technologies to consumers, has given life to a new virtual store experience with the Metaverse platform NexAR, which offers a creative, personal, and interactive customer journey beyond physical boundaries.

Arimars has entered into a very special partnership with fashion brand Tiburon, which presents its collections inspired by nature and defines its boundaries as a horizon line, to the liking of fashion enthusiasts. Arimars hosted the opening of Tiburon’s first new generation digital store on NextAR.

“As a brand that takes inspiration from nature and respects it infinitely, we wanted to take a sustainable, innovative and boundary-breaking step.”

Ahmet Yavuzçehre, founder of Tiburon brand and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yavuzçehre Textile, said about this partnership and the brand’s new generation digital store: “In today’s world where the seriousness of the climate crisis increases day by day, brands that center on the concept of sustainability and move in this direction are of great importance. As Tiburon, we have always considered this to be very important with our business model that only sells from the website. When the impact of the fashion industry on nature is considered, as a brand that takes inspiration from nature and respects it infinitely, we also wanted to take a sustainable, innovative and boundary-breaking step. That’s why we are experiencing the happiness of opening our first new generation digital store on NextAR. We are aware that shopping through digital channels not only contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, but also supports sustainability goals of the collections displayed in the virtual environment. These are the first steps for now.”

Yavuzçehre continued: “With this store we opened, we brought together our collections that we previously displayed on our website with the power of the latest technology for fashion enthusiasts. We not only created a world beyond boundaries, but also began to offer a discovery-focused and interactive fashion experience to our customers, in line with the spirit of our collections. We also believe that we will reach a wider consumer audience with this store.”

“In new generation digital stores, purchase processes are completed with different and discovery-focused experiences.”

Arimars Technology Operations Director Buket Ustaoğlu stated about the virtual world they created: “NextAR works in compatibility with all platforms including mobile devices and all major browsers. Brands can easily integrate with their website and can be accessed with just one click. Its biggest advantage is that it can be easily used with computers, virtual glasses or mobile devices. Because when we developed NextAr, we aimed that brands can reach large audiences without any need to download any application, do any setup or create any profile. That is, brands that meet consumers inside NextAR, open their doors to their customers very fast, in the simplest way and with a very strong user experience.”

Ustaoğlu said: “It is possible to provide an interactive shopping experience for consumers in NextAR. However, the most striking thing is that in these new generation digital stores, purchase processes can be completed with different and discovery-focused experiences. A new generation that is growing in the digital platforms with online interaction, respects nature and the concept of sustainability is coming. In other words, this generation is forming the consumers of the near future. This near future consumers want shopping experiences to be more personal, interactive and open to different discoveries. This is where new generation digital stores come in with solutions beyond the boundaries. Customers can personalize some products, interact with them and even view the products they are interested in using augmented reality technology. Games, animations and much more are brought together with customers. This is of course a living process. Because we continue to develop NextAR with new features we add every day by following technology and customer needs very closely. We also prioritize feedback from customers and sector problems. That’s why brands in NextAR are not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of the user experience they provide, they are a step ahead of the competition.”