Your security and privacy rights are supervised and secured by Arimars Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Detailed explanations regarding the security of your personal data are given below.

  1. Agreement

By accessing our all websites with extension named of NextAR Metaverse Platform (the “Platform”), our NextAR mobile application (the “App”), to any of our Services (the “Services”, which include the Website and App) you accept our Privacy Policy and agree to its Term of Use Agreement.

Your personal, contact, financial information, location information, visual records and marketing information are collected and processed by the Company during your registration as a user (“User”) or access to the Application and/or Platform and when you use any of our Services.

  1. Information Collected

We collect, store, and use only that personal information which is necessary for us to provide you the Services based on the Agreement.

Your personal data is collected orally, in writing or electronically through written or oral communication channels from you / third parties / legal authorities during the establishment of the legal relationship and for the duration of the relationship. Your personal data is stored and processed within the scope of the purposes stated below, based on the legal compliance reasons stated in the Personal Data Privacy Laws and listed below.

Pursuant to NextAR app and the link you have entered within the framework of the relevant legislation, your sensitive personal data specified below shall be processed by Arimars Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş.

  • Your IP address to determine how many times the application is used and to check for sustainability,
  • Location information to detect where the application and platform is used intensively,
  • Profession/branch information to determine which professions/branches are interested in the application and platform.
  1. Information collected automatically

By visiting our Platform or App our servers automatically collect information provided by your browser. This information does not reveal your specific identical information (such as your identity, contact information) but this data may include information such as device and usage information (such as your mobile device ID, model and manufacturer), operating system, version information and system configuration information, device and application identification numbers, browser type and version, hardware model Internet service provider and/or mobile carrier, and Internet Protocol (IP) address (or proxy server). If you are using our App, we may also collect information about the phone network associated with your mobile device, your mobile device’s operating system or platform, the type of mobile device you use, your mobile device’s unique device ID and information about the features of our App you accessed and other non-personal information.

4.Third Party Websites And Applications

Arimars Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş. may give a link to other sites within the application and/or website. The Company has no responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed via these links. Advertisements published on the Company’s Website are distributed to our users through our advertising partners. Security and privacy policies in this agreement are only for  the use of our website and do not include third part websites and/or applications.

4.1. Exceptional Situations

In the limited number of situations listed below, Company may explain information of users to third parties except for the terms of ‘’Privacy, Security and Cookies Policies’’ in this agreement.

4.1.1. To obey the obligations such as Law, Delegated Legislations, Regulations are resulted from legal rules in force and  issued by the competent legal authority,

4.1.2. Carrying out the requirements of ‘’User Agreement’’ and other agreements are concluded by the Company with users and putting them into effect

4.1.3. Requesting information about users for the purpose of conducting a research or investigation properly carried out by the authorized administrative and juridical authority

  • Cases which requires information to protect the rights and security of users.
  • We do share Personal Information with third parties that we have a contractual relationship with that specialize in providing services that we cannot provide in-house as further detailed below. For information on how they handle personal and non-personal information they collect, please see their respective privacy policies.

Firebase (Google Analytics): NextAR Metaverse Platform and NextAR App uses Firebase to monitor usage patterns of the Service for continuous User experience optimization efforts.

Aframe: NextAR App and NextAR Metaverse are built in part using Aframe Technology.

Babylon.js: NextAR App and NextAR Metaverse are built in part using Babylon.js Technology.

Unity: NextAR App and NextAR Metaverse Platform are built in part using Babylon.js Technology.

Unity: NextAR App and NextAR Metaverse Platform are built in part using Unity Technology.

  1. E- mail Security

Do not write your personal and/or confidential information in the e-mails you send  about any problem or support request to be forwarded to Company. Third parties may see information contained in e-mails. Company can not guarantee the security of information are transferred via your e-mails in no case.


  1. Browser Cookies

Arimars Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş. can obtain information about users who visit our website and usage by using a technical communication file (Cookie). These technical communication files are small text files which are send by a website to the user’s browser to be stored in the main memory. Cookies ease use of internet by storing status and preferences about the site.

Cookies are used to determine how you use the website such as what content you view and the duration of your visit on the website and to personalize your use of the site by reminding you preferences that you have made.  Cookies help to dynamically create advertisements and contents from specially designed user pages for users in this direction.  Cookies are not designed to collect data or any other personal information from main memory or your e-mail. Most of the browsers are designed to accept cookies initially but users may change the settings that cookies are not received or a give a warning when they are sent.

  • Types of Cookies Used

Cookies can be classified in terms of their owner, lifetime and intended use:

Platform cookies and third-party Cookies are used depending on the party placing the cookie. While the website cookies are created by the Company, third-party cookies are managed by different companies in cooperation with the Company.

Session cookies and persistent cookies are used according to the duration of the activity. Session cookies are deleted when the User leaves the Website, while persistent cookies may remain on the User’s device for various periods, depending on the area of use.

According to the purposes of use, technical cookies, verification cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies are used on the Website.

These cookies just provide us information on what pages you are looking at, what items on the pages you are clicking on, how much time you are spending on a page and other types of information that help us to understand how you are using our website and the pages and content on the website.

6.2.  Managing Cookie Preferences

Users have the opportunity to customize their preferences for cookies by changing the browser settings in which they view the Website. If the browser in use offers this possibility, it is possible to change the preferences for cookies through the browser settings. Thus, although it may differ according to the possibilities offered by the browser, data owners have the opportunity to prevent the use of cookies, to choose to receive a warning before the use of cookies, or to disable or delete only some cookies. Preferences in this regard may vary depending on the browser used. Preferences regarding cookies may need to be made separately for each device from which the User accesses the Website. Please note that disabling or deleting cookies may affect your user experience on the Website.

  1. Change And Effective


Arimars Teknoloji Çözümleri A.Ş. may change the provisions of this “Privacy, Security and Cookies Policy” by posting on the site or sending an e-mail to users at any time. If the policy provisions change, they will enter into force on the publish date. You can send an e-mail to for all your questions and suggestions regarding our policy.