Arimars is A Future Technologies Company

About Arimars

Reliable, High-performance, Interactive e-commerce experience!

Arimars offers a virtual store platform for an interactive e-commerce experience. Our platform combines virtual shopping and AR technology, allowing brands and retailers to create a 3D, interactive digital store on their website and create a new virtual sales channel. Our solution is accessible from mobile, desktop and VR devices and requires no installation or download – just an internet connection is all it takes.

Arimars revolutionizes online shopping with its next generation interface. Our goal is to transform the traditional e-commerce experience by providing an engaging, interactive, social and engaging platform.

Using innovative technology, we enable the creation of immersive 3D sandboxes and experiences on the web and metaverse. This empowers brands and retailers to showcase their products and stories using modern virtual technologies that appeal to a game-savvy audience. Get ready to experience the future of e-commerce with Arimars

About Team

Continuous Innovation with Value-added Interactive Smart Solutions!

We focus on involve our customers through new generation technology with our team. Our team
Team Managers – Animation with 10-15 years of experience in the animation industry and specialized in leading and production managing of software development
Instructional Designers with 5 + relevant experience working on creation and use of storyboards, UI designs.
Animators with experience in the range of 3-16 years in developing animation, visual effects, and artwork.
Editors with 2 to 15 years hands-on experience in video editing, video development, and post production.
Virtual and Augmented Reality developers with advanced computer vision skills, 3D modelling, and web/mobile programming expertise combined with

  • Experience with head-mounted displays (i.e. AR Glasses, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens etc.)
  • Experience with game engines Unity 3D

Creative, inventive, and tech-savvy Content Specialists well versed in developing digital content for a range of interactive media.