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Find The Right Augmented Reality Solutions For Your Business

Unlock New Possibilities: Enhance Your Business with Tailored Augmented Reality Solutions

Our solutions covers almost all current and evolving AR use cases on the market.
Sales & marketing solutions like AR Product Visualization, Digital Stores as well as industry solutions like AR Remote Assistance are part of our growing portfolio.

AR for Product Visualization & Digital Stores

The augmented reality solutions are changing the buyer experience in sales and marketing

Augmented reality and 3D Models help sales reps to present their entire product portfolio to prospective clients in a real view that exceeds traditional ways which are paper presentations and PDFs. Once client get inside products to see their full scope — size, color, special features, capacity, and more — they will be more tend to enter deeper and smarter dialogues.

Technological development and the rise of the Internet have changed the way of purchasing. Clients are accustomed to the convenience of buying everything by using online paltforms from their home. They believe that driving to a physical store to experience products is wasting time. With AR product visualization as well as digital stores, products can easily be placed in a physical environment and clients can experience 3D designed digital store. Customers gain full control of how products might look like in their desired space. This results to a richer buying experience, increase sales and engagement to the brands.

AR – Product Visualization

Empower your customers with the experience of the experiment before purchasing and have them evaluate the product design and its dimensions in its field. Interaction with the product through Augmented Reality often results in up to 5x lower return rates. Give your customers the trial experience before purchasing.

Digital Stores

AR supported, creative, interactive, online virtual stores & showrooms

Digital Store platform provides a new approach to e‑commerce. We offer virtual shopping and AR shopping technology to enable brands and retailers to set up a 3D 360 digital store on their website.

AR – Use Cases

There are millions of different ways to get creative with AR from marketing and advertising to packaging and products, sky’s the limit!

Create augmented reality immersive experiences that turn everyday objects, images, and places into new opportunities. Move your brand to the next level!

AR for Remote Assistance & Industry 4.0

Augmented reality solutions optimise manufacturing processes

By implementing augmented reality (AR) solutions on the factory floor, manufacturers establishes an completely new avenue for improving the key performance indicators of manual assembly, maintenance operation, quality control and employee training

Augmented reality connects data and applications to your exact location in your physical environment, helping you gain efficiency, reduce downtime, increase security, ensure compliance and save costs.

KoalaAR-Remote Assistance

Use KoalaAR augmented reality supported remote assistance software to provide accurate remote support with smart glasses & mobil devices.

AR Remote Support Software Koalaar, allows you to intervene remotely, in real-time, carry out maintenance procedures or resolve technical failures.

Industry 4.0 & IoT

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Shows interactive instructions step-by-step according to task definition.

You can be sure that the right information is provided to perform the task in the best, safest and most efficient way by using augmented reality. Augmented reality moves all your paper based datas to digital.

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