Arimars’s Professional Services help companies accelerate their adoption using Augmented Reality to improve productivity and drive business success. We help to train, help to give decisions, minimize risk and drive real ROI on AR investments.

Custom Virtual & Augmented Reality
We can supply augmented reality development resources experienced in 10+ platforms across desktop,mobile, desktop, and web experiences with support on various AR/VR devices including (Oculus Rift, Google CardBoard, Microsoft Hololens, Steam VR, PlayStation VR and gear VR)

Our various range of abilities, immense knowledge and experience in technology allow us to create solutions to meet our customer’s expectations for the whole pipeline from modeling, animation, mobile applications, simulation, virtual and augmented reality to research and development.

Whether the answer is product driven, or requires our full range of training services including training analysis, design, and development services, we take the time to clearly understand our customer’s needs so that our solutions are successful and meet and exceed the customer’s business needs.