Revolutionizing 3D Virtual Platforms Branding: Arimasr’s Partnership with Ready Player Me for Effortless Avatar Creation

Arimars, a user-friendly virtual experience creator designed for brands, recently unveiled a partnership with Ready Player Me, the industry-leading avatar builder accessible across various platforms. This exciting integration with Ready Player Me empowers Arimars users to craft and personalize their own avatars effortlessly, whether it’s creating a brand-new one or importing an existing avatar from the Ready Player Me platform. This integration not only improves the user experience but also optimizes its discoverability, ensuring it reaches a broader audience.

Empowering Brand Customization and Compatibility with Ready Player Me

So, what’s the big deal with the integration of Ready Player Me for brands in the Arimars 3D Virtual Platforms? The answer is simple: it grants them the ability to let their attendees have full control over their avatar experience, offering a wealth of customization options.

This partnership empowers users to quickly and effortlessly create and customize their avatars for Arimars. By offering a range of unique wearables and skins, brands can provide their customers with remarkable 3D Virtual Platforms  experiences.

But what happens to these avatars once a Arimars experience comes to an end? How do brands progress from there? The good news is that Ready Player Me avatars are built to be interoperable, easily exportable to over 7,000 supported apps and games, a number that keeps expanding. This ensures users can enjoy a consistent avatar experience across different platforms. When one event concludes, they’re ready for the next adventure.

NFT Wearables and Brand Marketplaces

The 3D Virtual Platforms  is all about personalization and fashion. From luxury brands like Gucci and Fendi to streetwear labels, music festivals, and even Nike, companies of all sizes are exploring the world of wearables. Virtual bags, hats, shirts, glasses, pets, and jewelry offer brands limitless creative opportunities.

Avatars and NFT wearables represent a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry, serving as a pivotal strategy for brands looking to attract new customers and provide their existing clientele with fresh experiences and brand identity.

Arimars’s collaboration with Ready Player Me simplifies the process for brands and events of any budget to design and sell wearables, capitalizing on their customers’ desire to dress stylishly in the 3D Virtual Platforms.

The Arimars Private 3D Virtual Platforms for Brands

Brands utilizing Arimars have the capacity to host numerous users simultaneously, fostering a dynamic 3D Virtual Platforms  experience. Avatars can seamlessly interact with a considerable number of other avatars within their surroundings.

This enables users to easily connect with their contacts, locate their positions, and join them as they wish. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to choose their preferred environment for interaction.

This level of customization, tailored for both organizers and attendees, offers enhanced personalization without compromising performance and innovation.


Arimars, offering a customized Metaverse Shopping platform for brands, enables leading companies to provide a virtual world experience for their customers, employees, and distributors. It allows interaction with 3D digital assets and their physical sale. On this customized platform, our 3D virtual experiences are easily accessible through brands’ websites. This experience works seamlessly on PC, mobile devices, and VR headsets, without the need for downloads or installations. Moreover, brands can update the content within the environment through the control panel we provide. As your strategic partner, Arimars shapes your virtual world strategy and aids in executing your virtual world plan. To learn more about how Arimars can assist you in establishing your presence in the metaverse, reach out to us.

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