The Future of Working is Remote

Flexible and Safe Operation with KoalaAR AR Based Remote Support Software

Why Remote Support?

The biggest advantage of remote support is to reduce the need for travel. Even eliminating just one business trip can save a company a significant amount of money on airfare, transfers and accommodation. Remote support with AR enables companies to respond faster and create a steady flow of skilled workers with skilled workers, while saving time and money.

What is Remote Support?

Remote support is essentially an advanced method of telepresence, in which a person transmits over the video image of a live call with another person in a situation, with an AR-enabled smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. No need to wait for a solution, pay for a SMB to travel, explain verbally, or fiddle with traditional video conferencing solutions. The key feature here is that the user shares their perspective in real time; See what I see communication provides the ability for experienced personnel, typically remote, to annotate the user’s screen or field of view (AR).

Companies with remote support:

– He can make the most of his workforce despite his lack of experience.
– Reduces downtime (high efficiency).
– Saves travel costs (instant connection).
– In addition to accelerating digital transformation, it reduces the carbon footprint and shortens the training time
– Provides an innovative service for its customers.