Arimars compete with global players of the metaverse

Arimars is competing  with its peers in the world in terms of technology, with Nextar Metaverse. NextAR Metaverse platform developed with digital reality technologies ( AR, VR and MR ) . Nextar Metaverse is compatible with major browsers on all platforms, including mobile devices. It offers environments, assets, avatars and immersive experiences to users.  The company aims to expand in global markets in 2023 and beyond.

Arimars is positioned as a visionary technology company. It offers a software platform for brands’ 3D virtual environments and experiences. Through its 3D cloud platform, the company enables brands to deliver 3D experiences on their websites, mobile apps and social channels

Stating that since 2019, they have been working on the main components of metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D models/platforms/animations, Buket Ustaoğlu continued as follows:

“We developed NextAR Metaverse for an interactive, contextual and interactive new web experience. Our solution is replacing e-commerce sites with 2D visuals created to sell books 25 years ago and consisting of grids with the loading of database lists. We aimed to reach high visual quality without loss of performance. Our second target is that fast access to large audiences with today’s infrastructure.

We wanted it to be a structure for companies to be able to integrate with existing websites and e-commerce platforms, not lose their visitor traffic, and do not require additional equipment or membership to the platform. We have created a platform where our customers can have unique metaverses tailored to their needs. We also offered brands the opportunity to create more suitable and flexible environments for their corporate structures.”